This does freeze well, but I would suggest if making a big batch to freeze don’t add your fresh veggies. Freeze with just soup broth, meat and possibly noodles. Add veggies when heating so you still get the crispness associated with Laksa.

If you want to make a banquet and look fancy for guests, why not cook up some spring rolls or dumplings. As usual, store will work a treat but yes I make my own. Recipes might just show up!

A warning/tip for this the kaffir lime leaves can be unpleasant with the fibrous texture. I have used the zest but it can be overpowering. Alternatively double the amount, roughly bruise them with a few hits of the meat mallet and discard them upon serving. This is mainly for the kids comfort. This being the only complaint I get, other then, not again mum really…

Play with this recipe, make it your own.

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