The meat base marinated and cooked without the extra sauce is great used in Thai style rice paper rolls or spring rolls, I would normally make these with barbecue pork. However considering our vast growing community with dietary and cultural requirements such as halal, the chicken satay is a tasty replacement.

I am working on developing a sauce from scratch but its not 100%. I watched a Thai/dutch lady make it from grinding and roasting the peanuts, it was delicious, but not quite to the stage where you would go to the effort. So far Im mashing 3 recipes and keeping the teachings of this beautiful lady.

Tips for this 1. I always forget to soak my skewers and have to delay. So what I do now is soak the whole packet, drain the excess water, wrap in cling wrap and freeze them. Works a treat and you dont have them floating around in the bottom of the draws getting dirty Ewwww. Buy fresh Kaffir lime leaves and freeze them. At any 1 given time I can have up to 10 different little bag with random herbs and aromatics in the freezer basket. This is both convenient a budget efficient. If your are clean eating or calorie restricted try discarding the satay dipping sauce for a Raita yogurt dipping sauce.

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