Store these in the freezer. Keeps them extra crunchy, the longer they take to eat hopefully the less you eat. Thats my plan!

Dark chocolate is amazing source of magnesium which women require especially at certain times of the month, like when they feel like it. While seeing an holistic doctor she stressed the important of having balance in all areas and vitamins are so essential to daily function. She actually prescribed 3 squares of dark 70% chocolate everyday before bed. So every night I have 1 of these, I get my chocolate hit and its good for me.

List of different seeds, nuts and fruits/berries I have used are:

Nuts – Almonds, Hazelnuts, Cashews and Peanuts

Seeds – Chia, flax seeds, Pepitas, buckwheat whole grains raw and Sunflower seeds

Fruits – Goji berries, Sultanas, Coconut chips, dedicated and shredded.


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