Serve your Sausage Rolls with your sauce of choice or try some fruit or spicy chutney for something different. Make a complete meal by serving with some yummy mash potatoes and a steamed veggies. You could get 7 veggies on 1 plate, go Mum!! Or everyone’s naughty favorite CHIP AND GRAVY! For those of us clean eating sweet potato mash and veggies or a salad is still very tasty. However you eat them I hope you enjoy.

To store your Sausage rolls simply either half cook them, or leave them raw and place in a plastic container. I use a container for these as they are fragile when raw because they are soft, and fragile when half cook because of the pastry. If you half cook layer with baking paper so they dont freeze together in a block. This way you can them 1, 2 or 10 at a time. I like leave them raw and cook from scratch as to us it retains that fresh cook flavor.

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